Virtual and Augmented Reality Technologies
Basic Master's degree program in computer science with an advanced training in the field of VR/AR

The Head of the Program
VR/AR and Mixed reality technologies require unique competencies from specialists - the proposed program combines in-depth study of virtually all aspects of applied mathematics, theory of algorithms, mathematical modeling - and courses in computer vision, video analytics, basics of design and the construction of three-dimensional spaces, development of electronic tools. The graduate of the Program receives not only "pure" technical skills of a VR/AR programmer, but also develops related soft skills - the basics of technological entrepreneurship and project development management, the cycle of media production for virtual and augmented reality, building interfaces, machine learning. What is important, that we provide a special working environment for the implementation of VR/AR projects - in every way, from the expert community to the FEFU's innovative material and technical infrastructure.
Please note

FEFU is the National Technological Initiative (NTI) Center for Neurotechnology and VR/AR Technologies. NTI is supported by leading universities and research centers of Russia, major technology companies, professional associations, the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs "RUSNANO". We have one of the best VR/AR laboratories in Russia - the lab equipment fleet is constantly updated and supplemented, that allows us to stay at the forefront of technological progress.
Professional programmers who want to improve their VR/AR development skills
Employees of large companies who plan to implement VR/AR technologies
Developers of the VR/AR based games and consumer products
2 years
The Program lasts 2 years
Flexible schedule
The opportunity to combine work and study
Distance learning, online classes
2-/4-weeks courses every 2 months
Real projects
Numerous partner companies for implementation of the training projects
Constant participation in events, competitions, contests, hackathons
Partners and experts
National Technological Initiative (NTI) Center for VR/AR Technologies
Augmented and Virtual Reality Association of the CIS countries (AVRA)