«Sberbank-Coin Box»
with a recognition feature
Projects with Partners
Underwater Robot "Pandora"
Within the framework of international competitions students of the Data Economy School have developed software for the underwater vehicle, which processes hydroacoustic signals and also includes a computer vision system. The vehicle worked well and brought the FEFU team the 1st position in the SAUVC 2019 competitions and the 2nd position in the RoboSub 2019 competitions.
Travel Analytics
A joint project with PJSC MTS aimed at the analysis of tourist flows in the Far East region, primarily in Kamchatka Krai.
AR/VR Projects
System for the hairstyle selection in AR
Solution of the face recognition problem using the OpenCV, Dlib libraries; assessment of the head position in space and visualization of a 3D hair model.

The selection of hairstyles is carried out in real time.
Museum AR-quest
A mobile application to attract the youth to the Mikhail Bulgakov's Museum using gamification. One of the informal requirements is to use of the relatively new but rapidly gaining popularity AR technology.

A 360 VR tour in FEFU
A virtual tour of FEFU locations, including a hotel complex, park areas, laboratories, creative centers and even the military department.

The project aims to demonstrate the developed infrastructure and opportunities the University provides.

With the support of the FEFU Admission Office and the NTI Center for VR/AR Technologies.

Students Projects
Students projects are created as part of the final qualification examinations and particular disciplines