Digital Art
The artwork authors for the new markets of the digital Experience Economy

Ekaterina Balyaeva
The Head of the Program
The program considers the theoretical and applied aspects of the interaction of digital, biological, social and real space in the context of modern creative tools - a separate concept of "digital" art can already be considered as obsolete, because the digital environment has long been a part of our reality. We will provide the market with multidisciplinary specialists who create cross-disciplinary projects - projects at the interface of technologies, science and art. Our graduates create and implement interactive and media objects, including all necessary systems and applications. The training is focused primarily on practice and implies two-week intensive courses, between which students do independent research and implement developed projects with the mentors' support. During the program you study both general theoretical issues and thematic disciplines - modern scenography, performative art, art space, theory and practice of art management. There is a course dedicated to the tools - video mapping, VR/AR, computer vision, neural networks, robotics, and so on.
Please note

While implementing projects, students use the infrastructure of the Technopark "Russky". Sessions of the program are arranged as exhibitions, diploma qualification - as a final project. Thus, by the end of the training, the master of "Digital Art" has a formed portfolio.
Professionals interested in expanding competencies in the Experience Economy
Artists who search after new creative tools
Innovators in design, architecture, art, advertising, public events
2 years
The Program lasts 2 years
Students can choose several courses
2-weeks courses for each individual subject every 2 months
Student projects are supported by tutors

Work presentations
Presentation of a project at the end of each course
Partners and experts
KUKA Robotics
Arka Gallery, "Artetazh" Museum
Center for Contemporary Art "Zarya"
Hlebozavod Center for Contemporary Culture