Training of experts in prevention and investigation of digital crimes

Roman Dremliuga
The Head of the Program
"Cybersecurity" in the understanding of the School of Data Economy is not just about training system administrators with knowledge of the law and ability to track changes of the standards. We believe that our graduates will work at private companies or for themselves - they are the people who are themselves a powerful weapon in the competition, who bring new knowledge and move the business forward. That is why within the framework of the program we consider not only the legislation peculiarities, special requirements of regulatory agencies, malicious software, corporate security systems, multi-level security on the Internet backbone and other usual areas. We have a profound course of machine learning, using artificial intelligence to detect vulnerabilities. Graduates receive additional training in the analysis of complex systems and system design; there are courses dedicated to reliability assessment and risk management in information systems or, for example, building trusted systems in untrusted environments.
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To conduct applied research, we have a specialized computer crime investigation laboratory, which also works with real projects for corporate customers.
Businesspersons from related fields interested in learning cybersecurity
IT professionals, who plan to build their own business in the field of cybersecurity
Leading information security specialists of large companies
2 years
The Program lasts 2 years
Distance learning, online classes
2-/4-weeks courses every 2 months
Real projects
Training projects under the leadership of a partner company
Partners and experts

Under the "Cybersecurity" program, the School of Data Economy cooperates with leading national and/or world-class experts and relevant government agencies. According to the confidentiality agreements, the names of organizations can not be openly announced.