Educational Intensive Course
«Chief Data Officer»
Data Analysis Center of the Data Economy School
The Data Economy School launched a data analysis platform for the participants of the educational intensive course "Chief Data Officer" (CDO) on the basis of FEFU. 300 civil servants, employees of departments, state-owned companies and corporations, budget-financed and other organizations from the Far Eastern Federal District subjects became the program participants.
The Data Analysis Center of the Data Economy School provided technical advice and assistance in the data processing and analysis for more than 30 projects.
Education and Science
An integrated database of scientific and educational specialists to improve and optimize the assessment and development system of employees in the field of education.
Health Care
Service for data analysis and forecasting the involvement level of medical staff.
Transport and Logistics
The air traffic optimization on the route Vladivostok - Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Analyzed data: carrying capacity, travel time, price and comfort level (Aurora Airlines Company).
Government Services and Management
A Unified System of Electronic Document Management. About the effect of errors in entering data into the Unified System of Electronic Document Management on the efficiency of public authorities.
Unique visitors' analysis system based on the biometric face data
As part of the CDO event, a system for recognizing unique visitors steadily ran on the platform of the Data Analysis Center of the Data Economy School, the system was able to memorize a person and identify him when he was re-recognized.
The Data Analysis Center of the Data Economy School Team
Permanently operated platform for the CDO event
30+ projects
Individual approach to each team

35 analysts and IT experts
Provide technical advice, data processing and analysis
1.5+ million requests per hour
Analysis of open data from social networks
130+ universities of Russia
Search and data processing. Comparison of various indicators