The School was founded in 2018 as part of the 'Digital Economy of the Russian Federation' Program. The School prepares only masters in areas related to IT with an emphasis on applied research. Partners of the School are the largest national companies, which give students the opportunity to participate in the development and implementation of highly significant projects. In other words, the School of Data Economy is a diploma backed up with real portfolio cases.
Ilya Mirin
Director of the Data Economy School
You compete for resources with an infinite number of other ambitious young professionals - and unique knowledge makes up your competitive advantage. I invite you to the FEFU School of Data Economy.

We focus on the most relevant areas of the modern, truly "digital" world - from big data and artificial intelligence to VR, digital art, satellite technologies. We have a powerful technical base and maintain relations with many partners - the leading technology companies of new Russia will help you to gain practical, applied experience of implementing in real practice technologies that are so modern that neither training courses nor training sessions have been invented for them yet. Actually, it is you who will be developing these technologies.
Major Areas of Education
Projection equipment: slide Programs of the School provide strong competencies in today's most relevant "digital" areas - cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, VR/AR (virtual and augmented reality) systems, space satellites and other remote sensing technologies, digital art, big data, etc. The innovative physical infrastructure will provide the development of confident practical skills, and immersion in the professional community will provide opportunities for the exchange of ideas., presentations, overhead projectors, and computer projectors.
Training of experts in prevention and investigation of digital crimes

Courses in machine learning and the use of artificial intelligence to detect vulnerabilities; analysis of complex systems and system design; corporate security systems; legal aspects of the work of information systems. Own laboratory to investigate computer crimes. Real projects from partner companies.
Artificial Intelligence
and Big Data
Training of data analysts, experts in machine learning and AI systems

Development of intelligent software systems, including a joint project with PJSC "Sberbank" to create AI systems that can process speech in natural languages. Courses in machine learning, artificial intelligence, programming and analysis of big data. Thematic courses in linguistics, acoustics, psychology, etc. Own supercomputer.
Virtual and Augmented Reality Technologies
Basic Master's degree program in computer science with an advanced training in the field of VR/AR

Courses in computer vision, video analytics, interfaces; in-depth course in applied mathematics. Production of media for virtual and augmented reality. Sports programming. It is implemented within the framework of the the National Technological Initiative (NTI) Center for Neurotechnology and VR/AR Technologies. Modern VR/AR-lab, Mixed Reality, motion capture systems. Numerous partner companies.
Satellite & Remote
Sensing Technologies

Universal experts - from satellite construction to remote sensing data processing

Satellite construction, software and hardware solutions, legal aspects, cross-disciplinary projects in the field of remote sensing. Training project - the creation of a satellite in an equipped laboratory, including the making of components of the payload and the programming of the hardware; the satellite is created from scratch and put into orbit, which gives graduates a unique experience.

Digital Art
Russia's first practice-oriented program in Digital Art

Students will be able to present and create art installations, digital studies, design in media and virtual environments, engage in augmented reality and database visualization. A close cooperation program with world-class lecturers. Real projects on the basis of each semester.
Administrators of the Educational Programs
We believe that our graduates will work at private companies or for themselves - they are the people who are themselves a powerful weapon in the competition, who bring new knowledge and move the business forward.
The Head of the "Cybersecurity" Program
Our graduate clearly understands the entire chain of space data - from a satellite constructed by his own hand and launched into space to the application of remote sensing data collected by it in specific services.
Stanislav Karpenko
The Head of the "Satellite & Remote Sensing Technologies" Program
Future data analysts, experts in machine learning, AI, VR/AR - will gain practical experience of application the most powerful and modern tools. That is why we have created a unique working environment that combines the capabilities of an expert community and an innovative technological base.
The Head of the "Artificial Intelligence and Big Data" and "Virtual and Augmented Reality Technologies" Programs
We will provide the market with multidisciplinary specialists who create cross-disciplinary projects - projects at the interface of technologies, science and art. Our graduates create and implement interactive and media objects, including all necessary systems and applications.
Ekaterina Balyaeva
The Head of the "Digital Art" Program
Advantages of the School
Key competences of the XXI century
Research University at the forefront of breakthrough technologies
Real projects from partners
We work with leading technology companies in Russia

World-class external experts
"Stars" of industry, world-class practicians and speakers
Assistance in attracting investment
We cooperate with foundations, incubators, accelerators
European University in Asia
One hour away from the largest innovation centers of the world
Community, events, atmosphere
The full of ideas environment and community of like-minded people
A modern campus, that is not inferior to the best Western models - and radically different from the usual urban environment of Russia
200 hectares of total area, including 54 hectares of park area and sports grounds - a 2,000-seat stadium, tennis and volleyball courts, and a 1,300-meter long embankment
650,000 square meters of total building area - thousands of rooms for living; 11-storey student center; sports buildings with several swimming pools, indoor courts and various sports grounds
Absolutely safe and isolated from the city bustle, campus area offers permanently residing students, teachers and university staff everything they need - shops, cafes, pharmacies and medical centers, personal services, ATMs, parking, etc.
The FEFU campus is a thoughtful, comfortable, well-managed university town. Being at the same time close to the city and remote from it, it brilliantly realizes the nontrivial task of creating an atmosphere of "boiler of ideas" – which is comparable to the leading start-up incubators.
Far Eastern Federal University
FEFU is the largest research and educational center of the Russian Far East with international educational programs, world-famous scientists and teachers, high-tech equipment and a modern university complex. There are more than 10,000 students, including 3,000 students from 67 countries. About 1600 teachers, 1000 doctors and candidates of sciences - including more than 70 leading professors from the USA, Australia, Japan, Germany, France, Norway, Great Britain and other countries are working here. There are over 600 educational programs of various levels. The university cooperates with more than 100 partners from 19 countries of the world - for example, FEFU is the only one Russian university with an accredited branch office in Japan.

FEFU is a unique platform that gives the opportunity to build effective interaction between academic science and numerous university partners interested in the application of innovative developments of working here scientists.
Programs of the School of Data Economy last 2 years and combine periodic full-time courses with various forms of distance learning (provided mentor's support).
Real projects that carry out jointly with a partner company are deeply integrated into the training programs.
The languages of instruction are Russian and English (unless otherwise indicated).
Tuition fees - from 250 000 to 370 000 rubles
(depending on the program).
Military department
Budget places